Face and décolleté fluid lotion
Intense reganeration

30 ml
Nurturing and moisturizing
A face and décolleté fluid lotion formulated to protect highly sensitive and delicate skin while keeping its daily moisture balance.
The formulation with only 8 selected ingredients makes it the perfect treatment to give your skin what it really needs, preserving the natural hydrolipidic balance.
The nourishing properties of organic plum oil will make the skin softer and more luminous.

How to use

Apply to clean face skin and décolleté, gently massage until fully absorbed.

8 ingredients

Even the most sensitive skin can be reborn. 

Face and body care products formulated with maximum 8 ingredients* for a cleansing, protective beauty routine created for sensitive, very sensitive or sensitized skin

The highest level of innovation in natural and organic cosmetics with the minimum number of ingredients to leave the skin free to regenerate, minimizing the risks of ingredients cross reaction.
Free from fragrance, preservatives or essential oils that may be the cause of atopic or sensitized skin, only with very gentle natural and organic oils and butters like plum oil and shea butter. 

Back to the essential to celebrate and protect our true nature. 

*maximum 8 ingredients, water excluded.

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