Hand treatment set
Precious pearl

50 ml + 50 ml
Hand treatment
An exclusive treatment that combines the luminosity of mother-of-pearl with the emollient and nourishing properties of shea butter, cocoa butter and almond oil for soft, hydrated and luminous hands. 
The Precious Pearl box includes: 

Hand scrub: An extraordinary and delicate exfoliating treatment. Regenerates and primes the skin for mask application

Hand and nail mask:
A rich and comfortable cream mask. Nourishes and protects skin, nails and cuticles, preventing dryness and dehydration

How to use

Hand scrub: Apply and massage onto wet skin then rinse with lukewarm water 

Hand and nail mask: Apply a layer of product and leave on for 10 minutes,  then rinse with lukewarm water  

Absolute shine

We chose Gold and Mother-of-pearl, two of the brightest minerals that nature offers us to give splendor and wellness to hands and lips, symbols of feminine beauty
An infusion of precious softness and intense regeneration with the Absolute shine lip products, enriched with gold micro-particles, argan oil and sunflower oil. They intensely nourish the lips and promote cell renewal.
The Absolute shine mother-of-pearl line for hands nourishes the skin by leveraging the natural brightening and toning properties of this biomineral, to give protection, softness and shine to the skin
Comfortable textures and delicate fragrances yield sensorial wellness with every application

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